50 Sushi Pick Up Lines

Sushi is one of the most popular foods in the world, and there are sushi restaurants everywhere. If you’re looking for a way to pick up a sushi lover, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of the best sushi pick up lines that you can use to get the attention of that special someone. Whether you’re looking to get a date, start a conversation, or just have some fun, these lines will definitely help you out.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Sushi pick up lines

Sushi pick up lines

  • Babe, I am down for some fishy business for your pleasure.
  • Babe, I love you like I love my sushi, I want to roll you up and eat you raw all night long.
  • Babe, I heard you like it raw.
  • Babe, I want to put my eel sauce all over your sashimi.
  • Babe, want this hand roll as the perfect happy ending.
  • Do you want some sushi?
  • Girl are you sushi, you sure are soFISHticated.
  • Do your panties smell like fish because I like sushi.
  • Forget about foreplay and filler rice, let’s get straight to sashimi.
  • Girl, do you want some of this eel?
  • Hey girl, I want a raw taste of your flavor sauce.
  • How about we take this sushi home and see if we can get some raw action.
  • I am soy into you.
  • I want my girls like my sushi, raw.
  • If you love sushi, you will definitely love MAKIng out with me.
  • My love for you is like my love for sushi,
  • No more Mr. Rice guy, I am going for raw end of the deal.
  • Wanna make some sticky rice?
  • Why don’t you take some clothes off and have a raw good time.
  • Your raw body would look better rolled up in my bedsheets.

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When And How To Use These Lines

As you have seen above, these lines are not made for every situation, you have to be in the right place at the right time to use them. So here we’ve made a small guide on when and how you can use these pick up lines.

For example, if you see someone eating sushi at a restaurant, you can deliver one of these lines and see if they react positively. You know you’re on the right track if they giggle or smile.

However, make sure if they are strangers not to go too overboard, or you might creep them out. But if they are someone you know, then feel free to be a little more creative and funny.

Secondly, don’t use these lines all at once, try to space them out. If you use them all in one go, then it’ll come across as try-hard and desperate. So make sure to use them sparingly, and in the right situations.

Third, if you see your crush or someone you’re interested in, try to use one of these lines. But don’t just blurt it out, try to be smooth about it. For example, you could be talking about sushi and then suddenly say one of these lines. If they laugh or smile, then you know you’re on the right track and keep the conversation going.

Fourth, if you’re eating sushi with someone you’re interested in, try to use one of these lines. It’ll definitely break the ice and get the conversation begin.

Fifth, if you like the sushi most, you can share it with the one you love by using these pick up lines. Otherwise, you can also share it on your social media with a caption using one of these pick up lines.

Sixth, don’t use the same pick up line over and over again, no one wants to hear the same thing all the time. Be creative and come up with new pick up lines. However, you’re in luck because we have plenty more where these came from. Just check out our website for more pick up lines.

Last but not least, have fun and be confident whiles using these lines. It’ll come across as try-hard and desperate if you’re not confident. So make sure to relax and just have fun with it.

Additionally, if you want to continue the conversation related to sushi, you should also know about sushi. So below, we’ve provided some fun facts about sushi that you can use to impress your date or conversation partner.

Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of cooked rice vinegar, and it is often combined with other ingredients such as vegetables, fish, or meat.

Sushi is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, and it was first brought to Japan in the 9th century.

There are many different types of sushi, and the most popular type is nigiri sushi, which is sushi rice that is topped with fish or other ingredients.

You can use these few facts in order to make your conversation more interesting to anyone.


We hope you enjoyed this list of sushi pick up lines. Just remember to have fun with it, and be confident when using them. If you want to learn more pick up lines, then be sure to check out our website for more.

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