30+ DNA Pick Up Lines (New)

If you’re studying or talking about DNA, you can try to pick up lines to make the moment funny or even flirtatious.

Here are some DNA pick up lines for you that can be used for conversation-starting, having fun, or impressing someone. This line also shows how much you’re interested in DNA. So let’s see some of the best DNA related pick up lines.


DNA Pick Up Lines

  • Darling my genes are putting pressure on me to love you.
  • I took less time to fall in love with you than my DNA take to replicate.
  • If I was DNA helicase I would unzip your genes.
  • Will you be the glue that links my DNA strands together?
  • Falling in love with you takes less time than my DNA takes to replicate.
  • With your DNA and mine we could have some good looking kids.
  • Until the markers on my DNA are blocked, I won’t stop hitting on you.
  • I don’t have ‘junk’ DNA, it’s all one big love poem to you.
  • We click together like Thymine and Adenine.
  • Can you spell DNA backwards? I hope you get me AND you.
  • Have you ever imagined what our DNA could do together?
  • Are you waiting for my genes to encode into yours to love me?

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About DNA

If you’re sharing these pick up lines with someone, you must have more information about DNA to keep the conversation going. So here is in detail information about DNA.

DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid. It’s a long polymer made from nucleotides, the monomers made of a nitrogenous base, a pentose sugar, and a phosphate group.

The nitrogenous bases are adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C), and guanine (G). In RNA, uracil (U) takes the place of thymine.

The sequence of these nitrogenous bases is what encodes genetic information. The sugar-phosphate backbone of a DNA molecule makes its double helix structure.

DNA is found in the nucleus of cells, and it’s tightly coiled and supercoiled. It has a diameter of 2 nm.

The double helix structure of DNA is held together by hydrogen bonds between the bases.

All right, this is the basic information one should know to talk about DNA. If you want to make the conversation interesting, then you should have some fun facts about DNA that no one knows so that your conversation goes interesting. So here we got some fun facts about DNA you can use in your discussion.

The DNA of humans is almost the same as that of a banana. Bananas have 60% of the DNA as that humans. So in some way, we can say that we are 60% bananas.

The longest human DNA strand is 2 meters long. It will be around 5 cm if it’s not coiled and supercoiled.

The weight of DNA in an adult is 50 mg. It makes up to 1% of the total weight of cells.

A single chromosome contains anywhere between 50 to 250 million base pairs. This is how much information is stored in our DNA.

Our genome consists of approximately 3 million DNA bases.

If you do a DNA test, you can understand which part of the world your ancestors are from.

There are more than 10 million different types of cells in our body, and each cell has its own copy of DNA.

Approximately 98.5% of human DNA is the same in all individuals. The remaining 1.5% is what makes each one of us unique.

If you think only humans have DNA, then you’re wrong. All living organisms have DNA, including plants, animals, and single-celled bacteria.

You may have heard everyone has different DNA, but 9% of our DNA is the same as other humans.

About 99% of DNA in all individuals is identical. If you take two random people, their DNA will differ by about 0.1%.

Now you know some facts about DNA that you can use to make the conversation interesting. So next time you want to make the conversation interesting, use this DNA to pick up lines and facts.

Additionally, ensure you know when and how to share these pick up lines. Some people may not find it funny or interesting, so choose the right moment and person to use these pick up lines.

For example, you can use these pick up lines while discussing DNA in class. You can also use them to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in. But make sure the other person is also interested in DNA, or they may think you’re weird.


DNA pick up lines are a great way to start a conversation with someone who is also interested in DNA. You can use them to show your interest in DNA and make the conversation more interesting. But make sure you use them at the right moment and with the right person to get the most out of them.

So next time when the DNA topic comes up in conversation, don’t forget to use these pick up lines.

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