66 Math Pick Up Lines (Calculus, Number, Algebra, Angle, Geometry)

Math Pick up lines: There might be many pick up lines you have experienced, but this time you desire pick up lines that include math terms, right?

No problem, we’ve included a list of the best math pick up lines that you can share with your classmate or crush who loves or studies math.

Aside from the cute, dirty, and cheesy maths pick up lines, it also includes math terms like a math equation, algebra, math problem, geometry, statistics, angles, calculus, and math homework.

If your crush is a math lover, the pick up lines listed here are guaranteed to work for you, whether you want to start a conversation or propose. Also, this line is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge of mathematics.

Math pick up lines

  1. I know you like adding numbers, so could you please add yours to my contacts?
  2. Baby, you’re a 9.999999999…but you’d be a 10 if you were with me.
  3. You’re as cute as pi
  4. Date me and all of your problems will be polygon
  5. You must be cos2, I’m sin2, and together we are 1.
  6. My love for you is like dividing by zero… It can’t be defined!
  7. Are you good at math? Can you help me solve for x? X = your number.
  8. Are you a 45-degree angle, because you’re perfect.
  9. As I only have two factors, I’m the prime candidate for you.
  10. I memorized the first 300 digits of pi. If you gave me the 7 digits of your phone number, I could memorize them too.
  11. I heard you like math, so what’s the sum of U+Me?
  12. Do you like math? No? Me neither. In fact, the only number I care about is yours.
  13. If we are both math majors, then why is there so much chemistry between us?
  14. You have a fine body. Are you a Mathlete?
  15. You derive me crazy
  16. What is the sum of you + me?
  17. Are you 1/cos (c)? Because I think you’re really sec (c)
  18. The square root of all my fantasies is you.
  19. I don’t like my current girlfriend… Mind if I do a you-substitution?
  20. I don’t care about maths, but I care about your number.
  21. You are sweeter than 3.14.
  22. I’m a 30-60-90 triangle and you’re a 40-40-90 triangle – we’re just right for each other.
  23. By looking at you I can tell you’re 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares.
  24. You must be multiplying out my brackets because you’re making me expand.
  25. My feelings for you have grown exponentially.
  26. You make my heart beat faster than an airplane going 200 miles per hour.
  27. Without you, I’m like a null set… Empty.
  28. I know my math. And you’ve got one significant figure!
  29. Are you a square? ‘Cause you got all the right angles.
  30. Are you √2? ‘Cause I feel irrational around you!
  31. You are as beautiful as 1.618.
  32. Your beauty is like Π, never-ending.
  33. Can I plug my solution into your equation?
  34. What’s your sine?
  35. I am not very good at algebra, but I do know that you and I make 69.
  36. My love is like a fractal, it goes on forever.
  37. When we get home, let’s make our slopes zero.
  38. I like fractions, do you want to do some with me? I am like a numerator because I like to be on top.
  39. Let’s converge and take each other to the limit
  40. Are you a math teacher because you got me harder than trigonometry.
  41. I’m sine, you are cosine, let’s make a tangent.
  42. Are you a 45º angle? Cause you’re acute-y!
  43. My love for you is like 2x, exponentially growing.
  44. Baby, you’re like a student and I am like a math book, you solve all my problems.
  45. Can I explore your mean value?
  46. Why don’t you be the numerator and I be the denominator and both of us reduce to simplest form?
  47. My love is like a fractal. It goes on forever!
  48. Are you an angle? Because I think you’re really acute
  49. Are you a square number, because my love for you is exponential!
  50. Let’s not be like parallel lines and meet as soon as possible.
  51. I’m more interested in you than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
  52. Are you p>0.5, because I’d never reject you
  53. Hi, I hear you’re good at algebra… Will you replace my eX without asking Y?
  54. My love for you is like √(-1)… Complex, but not imaginary!
  55. Since you’re so good at maths, can you replace my ex?
  56. Wanna couple our equations tonight?
  57. I have a math equation for you: you plus me equals awesome.
  58. Are you a rectangle? Because you have all the right angles
  59. I’m like pi because I can’t be rational around you.
  60. If I was your graphics calculator, I’d stare at your curves.
  61. I was supposed to solve for x. I am so glad that I found u instead.
  62. Yo girl, I heard you’re good at math… Cause your legs are always divided.
  63. You must be a 90º angle. ‘Cause you’re looking right!
  64. Girl, I’d like to instantiate your objects, and access their member variables.
  65. We fit together like coordinates on an axis.
  66. I’m a numerator because I like to be on top

Math pick up lines

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All About Math

The study of math is a type of logic that covers numbers, shapes, and measurements. It can be used for solving problems in the world around us, including money, art, architecture, predicting weather patterns, and even cars on interstate highways.

For anyone who enjoys figuring things out and solving problems, the field of mathematics is a great choice. Math is a convenient subject, so it is not suitable for everyone. People who enjoy solving complex problems can do this.

There are many ways to develop a love for math, even if it’s not your favorite. Math is a necessary subject in school, so you must study it if it’s not your favorite.

You can make math fun and easy if you include it in your daily routine. To give an example, you could play games and solve calculation puzzles. This type of game keeps your mind active and gradually increases your interest in math. Further, you can learn math tricks by searching online. Mathematics gives you many tricks to make your calculations faster, easier, and more fun.

Throughout our experience, we have seen students not performing well in math because they lack practice. As we mentioned earlier, math is a subject where you have to practice solving tricky problems to increase your understanding.

Math is essential to study as it is very beneficial in our daily life. For example:

1. Approximately two-thirds of students who solve math problems daily can demonstrate higher logical skills than those who are not interested in math. This finding is based on the Stanford University study led by Dr. Tanya Evans. That indicates math is a good brain exercise.

2. Math plays an essential role in making your financial budget. Every person in the world creates a financial budget according to their earnings and expenses to make a successful financial future. Aside from that, for business people, math is essential to track the profits and losses of every month and year.

3. Math is also beneficial when cooking. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, you need to remember the number of ingredients to use every time. For example, one teaspoon turmeric powder, garlic powder, etc. Whether you are cooking for 1 person or 100, mathematics helps you achieve the same result.

4. Our fitness can also be improved by math. For every meal you eat, you must calculate how much protein or food you need to consume. In addition to this, it is important to think about how many calories you burn per day and how much you consume daily. Likewise, you need math to remember how much you walked today to stay consistent while running and walking for exercise.

5. In order to manage your time more effectively and utilize it every second, you need to be more calculated. Calculations help you calculate the specific time required for a particular task without wasting time on useless activities. Researchers found that all successful people make their daily routine before going to bed or early in the morning. As a result, the day becomes more productive.

Facts About Math

We’ve already discussed math pick up lines and basics about math, so let’s look at some math facts. You can also share these facts with your classmates to get their attention.

1. The weight of Mount Everest is estimated at 357 trillion pounds, but it’s not just one mountain’s weight. There are 2 to 3 billion tons of rocks and dirt accumulated over time from previous avalanches and 8 million cubic yards of ice on top.

2. Throughout class 10th, you studied Pythagoras Theorem, but did you know about Pythagoras Constant? The Pythagorean constant is the square root of 2 (1.41). Also, it’s the first irrational number ever discovered.

3. Are you aware that the Pi is irrational? There are no repeating decimal digits in The Pi, making it one of the most famous irrational numbers. In other words, it cannot be expressed as a fraction.

4. The number 4 (Four) in English is the only number spelled with the same number of letters as the number itself. You can also try other numbers. In any case, you will not find the matching spelling like four.

5. The spelling of every odd number includes “e” in it. For example, 5 (five), 7 (seven), 9 (nine), 11 (eleven), 13 (thirteen), and so on.


The study of mathematics can serve as both a useful tool for solving problems and showing someone you are interested in them. With our math pick up lines, you’re sure to make someone’s day more exciting and put a smile on their face.

Don’t forget to share unknown math facts with your classmates to make math more interesting.

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