50+ Japanese Pick Up Lines for your loved ones

Japanese Pick Up Lines: Are you interested in a Japanese boy or a girl? Do you want to make them fall in love with you? Wanna break the ice and start a romantic conversation with your target?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this blog post is for you!

This post will give you a few of the most popular Japanese pick up lines. With these pick up lines, you are sure to charm anyone you like. In addition, we will also guide how and when to use these pick up lines for the best effect.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Japanese Pick Up Lines

Japanese Pick Up Lines

  • [きれいですね。もしかしてモデルさんですか?]
    • Kireidesu ne. Moshikashite moderu-sandesu ka?
    • You look beautiful. Are you a model?
  • [つきあってくれる]
    • Tsukiatte kureru
    • Will you go out with me?
  • [もしよかったら、のみに いきませんか]
    • Moshi yokattara, nomi ni ikimasen ka
    • Would you like to grab a drink with me?
  • [あそびに いこう!]
    • Asobi ni ikou!
    • Let’s hang out!
  • [ハグしよう]
    • Hagushiyō
    • Let’s hug.
  • [キスしたい]
    • Kisushitai
    • I want to kiss you.

Japanese Pick Up Lines // The Romantic

Let the hopeless romantic in you out with these pretty cute, romantic Japanese pick up lines that will charm any man or lady!

  • [すきです] / [ (だいすきです]
    • Sukidesu / Daisukidesu
    • I like you / I REALLY like you, I love you.*
  • [けっこん してくれる?]
    • Kekkon shite kureru?
    • Will you marry me?
  • [きみのこといがいはかんがえられない]
    • Kimi no koto igai wa kangae rarenai
    • I can’t get you out of my head.
  • [ぼくのめをみて]
    • Boku no me o mite
    • Look into my eyes
  • [にあってるね]
    • Ni atteru ne
    • It suits you!
  • [えがおがすてきだね]
    • Egao ga sutekidane
    • You have a beautiful smile
  • [(すごく)かわいいね]
    • (Sugoku) kawaī ne
    • You’re (so) cute
  • [きれいだね]
    • Kireida ne
    • You’re pretty

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When To Use Japanese Pick Up Lines

Even if you have the best pick up lines in your mind, if you use them at the wrong time or in the wrong context, it will not work. So, when is the best time to use these pickup lines?

When you already have eye contact with the person you want to talk to. When you are close to the person, and there is no one around.

For example, you are on a train, and there is only one other person in your compartment. You have been making eye contact with this person for a while, and you feel that the person is also interested in you. This is the perfect opportunity to use a pick up line!

In school or college also, you can use this pick up line on Japanese people you like. But make sure that the person is alone or with only one other friend. If there are more people, it will be difficult for you to start a conversation.

How To Use Japanese Pick Up Lines

After you have decided when to use the pick up line, the next question is how to use it. How to start a conversation using these lines?

Here are some tips:

Use the pick up line as an icebreaker. After you have said the pick up line, wait for the person’s reaction. If the person responds positively, then you can start a further conversation.

Be confident while using the pick up line. Do not hesitate or stutter while saying the line. This will give a wrong impression to the person you are talking to.

Be polite and friendly while using the pick up line. Do not use any pick up line which is rude or offensive. This will only make the person angry, and you will not get a positive response.

Use the pick up line as a starting point for further conversation. Do not just blurt out the pick up line and then stop talking. Take the conversation further by asking questions or sharing your own views on the topic.

Fun Facts About Japanese

Once you have started a conversation using a pick up line, you can keep the conversation going by sharing some fun facts about Japan. Here are some interesting facts which you can share:

  • In Japan, it is considered good luck if a black cat crosses your path.
  • Japanese people believe that your wish will come true if you fold 1000 origami cranes.
  • Japanese are very punctual people. If they say they will be somewhere at 7 PM, they will be there at 7 PM sharp!
  • Japanese people are very hardworking. They believe in the saying “hard work pays off”. You will see many Japanese people working even if it’s a holiday. Japanese are also considered the world’s most hardworking people.
  • Japanese are very connected with nature. You will see many temples and shrines in Japan which are surrounded by nature.

So these are some of the fun facts about Japan you can share with the person you are talking to. Sharing such facts will help you in keeping the conversation going.


So these were some of the most prominent Japanese pick up lines. We hope that you will find these pick up lines helpful in starting a conversation with a Japanese person you like.

Lastly, the Japanese are very shy and polite, so you will have to make the first move. Just go ahead and use these pick up lines. We are sure the person you are talking to will respond positively.

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