55+ Mexican Pick Up Lines In English

Mexican Pick Up Lines In English: Pick up lines are a great way to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in. They can be used in any language and can be adapted to any situation. This article will provide some of the best Mexican pick up lines to use when meeting a Mexican guy or girl.

Also, if you’re chatting with Mexican people on a dating site or app, make your profile stand out using these lines and use them when chatting with them.

With our Mexican pick up lines in English, we use their relatable terms in funny, dirty, and flirty ways that make it special and unique. This allows you to pick the most relatable and comfortable one for you and share it without causing a conflict with Mexicans.

Mexican Pick Up Lines

  1. Are you a bottle of tabasco sauce? Because I’d like to lose your top.
  2. Are you a tamale? Cuz you’re hot!
  3. Ay caramba! You’re hotter than a jalapeño. I better wear a glove when I handle you!
  4. Hey girl are you Mexican, ’cause you illegally came into my mind.
  5. Hey! Cabezona! Come here, girl.
  6. Are you a bud light lime? Because you look like a guilty pleasure.
  7. May I… Take you out for some tamales señorita?
  8. I’m the Juan for you.
  9. You’re the kind of girl I could mariachi.
  10. Do you like jalapeños? ‘Cause I’m gonna be jalapeño pussy.
  11. Someone told me I’m a rare Mexican Flower.
  12. Are you a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce? Cause I’d like to lose your top.
  13. Excuse me bonita seniorita you dropped your halo.
  14. Hey baby, I have a green card.
  15. I’m not talking about books when I tell you I’ll take you across the border.
  16. Mexicans don’t kiss. Make Out.
  17. Are you Mexican cause you’re my Juan and only.
  18. Will you be my baerrito?
  19. Ay dios mio! Jorge jr. Just got muy gordito.
  20. Do you like Mexican food? Because I will wrap you in my arms and make you my baerito.
  21. Can you put some hot sauce on my enchilada, I need some spice in my life.
  22. Hablas Espanol? No matter — my love needs no translation.
  23. Chica, you’re like a piñata, because I’d definitely hit that!
  24. Dayum…One Look at you, chica, and my soft-shell taco got deep fried.
  25. Hey chica! There’s like, a fiesta in my pantalones and you and your amigas are invited.
  26. I would love to stuff your piñata.
  27. I may not be your cup of tea, but I’m a great shot of tequila.
  28. Can I dip my Chorizo in your salsa?
  29. You had me at taco.
  30. I see you’ve got some tequila there, does that mean you’re willing to give me a shot?
  31. Boy let me make you a nice, hot tamale.
  32. I’d cross borders for you.
  33. I won’t blame the tequila if I get with you!
  34. I’ll even throw in my secret sauce free of charge.
  35. Is your name “Sabado”? Because that ass is gigante.
  36. There’s a fiesta in my gauchos and you and your maracas are definitely invited!
  37. Girl, are you a piñata? Cuz I definitely hit that.
  38. We can blame it on fajita the moment.
  39. You and tequila make me crazy.
  40. You look even better than eating dulce de leche with your finger!
  41. Damn boy, you can stick your taquito in my guacamole anytime you want!
  42. You’re rice and I am the beans. Together, we are a combo plate of bueno
  43. Do you like jalapenos? ‘Cause I’m about to be jalapeno pussy tonight.
  44. You’re the kind of girl I could mariachi…
  45. Are you Mexican cause you should make me some burritos.Mexican Pick Up Lines In English

Why Use Mexican Pick Up Lines

If you think about using these Mexican lines or not, here are some reasons which make you a little more inspired.

First of all, many Mexicans are bilingual and can speak both English and Spanish. As a result, you can communicate more easily with them. In addition, Mexican culture is often associated with fun and happiness, which makes meeting a Mexican person more enjoyable. Lastly, many Mexicans are attracted to foreigners because they see us as exotic and different from them. You can stand out from the crowd and make your date feel special by using Mexican pick up lines!

If a Mexican is your friend you can also use friends pick up lines for better bonding and fun conversation. However, if you’re talking with Mexicans for a business you should utilize business pick up lines in that case.


You can use this collection of Mexican pick up lines to strike up a conversation with Mexican people, especially if you’re flirting, dating, or just want to make conversation fun. Try out some of these lines in your next chat and see how well they work!

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