50+ Shrek pick up lines

Hey there, Shrek fans! If you’re looking for funny and clever pick up lines inspired by everyone’s favorite ogre, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Shrek pick up lines you can use next time you’re out on the town. Trust us, these lines will surely get a laugh and maybe even a phone number.

So without further ado, here you’ve it!

Shrek pick up lines

Shrek pick up lines

  • Are you Shrek? Because I get hard just thinking about you
  • Will you be my shrekintine?
  • I can’t believe you just shrieked my heart to bits.
  • Hey are you Shrek? Cause I can’t seem to get ogre you
  • Are you shrek ? Cause I’m all ogre you
  • I love shadow the hedgehog, but I love you more.
  • You have to shrekle this to the next lad.
  • Call me Shrek because I’m head ogre heels for you!
  • Hey girl ,are you Shrek?? Cause you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen
  • Hey girl, do you live in a swamp? Because you look as beautiful as Shrek
  • Like I always say, better in you than outside you.
  • How many times do I need to walk back in your dirshrektion?
  • We have to take of a couple of layers.
  • I’m gonna ogreasm all over you baby.
  • You must be shrek Because I fell head ogre heels for you
  • You are so shreksi and I’ve fallen accidentally in love.
  • Lord nearquad, lord farquad, lord wherever you arequad.

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When To Use Them

The lines are not for general use but specific to Shrek characters. Therefore, they will only be effective when used in the right context, with the person, and at the right time.

If you try to use them outside of these parameters, they will likely fall flat.

With that in mind, here are some tips on when to use these lines for maximum effect.

The best time to use these lines is when you’re around other people who are also fans of the Shrek movies. This way, they’ll be more likely to appreciate the humor and see the line as clever. Don’t think any of your friend’s know about Shrek, because it’s a popular movie series that has been around for over a decade.

You can also use these lines when you’re around people who don’t know much about the movies. In this case, the lines will be more likely to catch them off guard and make them laugh. Just be careful not to use them on people who are too young or too old, as they might not get the reference.

Also, don’t use these lines on people who you don’t know very well. They could misinterpret the line and think that you’re actually serious about wanting to date an ogre. Save them for people who you’re comfortable with and who you know will appreciate the humor.

For example, it would be fine to use one of these lines with your classmate because you know each other well enough that they won’t take it the wrong way. But it could backfire if you try to use them on your boss, new neighbor, or someone else you don’t know well.

Finally, make sure that you use these lines in a playful and light-hearted way. They’re meant to be funny, not creepy or offensive. If you use them negatively, you could make the person you’re talking to feel uncomfortable.

How To Use Them

Now that you know when to use these lines, it’s time to learn how to use them. The key is to deliver the line confidently and playfully.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit cheesy it’s all part of the fun. Just make sure that you don’t come across as being too serious.

It’s also important to keep your body language in mind. Smile and make eye contact when you deliver the line, as this will make it more effective.

And lastly, don’t forget to follow up with a conversation once you’ve delivered the line. If you just say the line and then walk away, it’s not going to have the same effect.

Fun Facts Aout Shrek

Once you start a conversation with your pick up lines, you can keep it going by sharing some fun facts about Shrek. Using these facts shows that you know about the movies and it will make the whole experience more enjoyable for both of you.

For example, did you know that a real-life ogre actually inspired the character of Shrek? He’s named after the German word for “fear” or “terror”, which is fitting given his scary appearance.

Or was the original script for the first movie quite dark and unsuitable for children? The studio decided to make it more family-friendly after test audiences didn’t respond well to the darker version.

Lasltly, the character of Fiona was originally going to be voiced by Cameron Diaz. But she ended up dropping out due to scheduling conflicts, and the role went to another actress instead.

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So there you have it, everything you need to know about using Shrek pick up lines with a bunch of lines. Just remember to use them in the right context, follow the tips on delivering them, and have some fun facts about Shrek ready to go.

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