35 Pizza Pick Up Lines – Funny And Cheesy

If you’re a pizza lover or know someone who likes pizza more, we’ve got pizza pick up lines for you. By using these lines, you can make the moment funny and allow yourself to start a conversation with strangers who love pizza.

These lines are for both girls and boys, so if you share them with any pizza lover, they’ll definitely respond to you in a funny way, even if they’re strangers.

In addition, we have also answered some questions you might have as a pizza lover. Therefore, you can also use this to continue a conversation with strangers after passing a pick up line.

Pizza Pick Up Lines

  1. Babe, are you a pizza? Because every slice of you is perfect.
  2. You’re the only topping I need on my Pizza.
  3. Babe, are you a pizza? Because I feel hungry just looking at you.
  4. When I look at you I suddenly felt hunger that even pizza could not satisfy.
  5. Are you a personal pizza? Because you were made just for me.
  6. You are hotter than a thousand Pizza boxes combines.
  7. You’re the pizza I don’t want to share.
  8. Are you a pizza delivery guy? Because boy, you sure can deliver what i want.
  9. You’ll be the pizza and I’ll be the sauce, ’cause I wanna be all over you.
  10. You’re hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth.
  11. Are you Pizza? Becasue I have this huge crust on you.
  12. You and pizza have something in common, both of you are cheesy and I love that.
  13. You’re the type of person I’d order a pizza for.
  14. If you’d be a slice of pizza, you’d be supreme.
  15. I only love two things: pie and you.
  16. I have only two addictions: pizza and you.
  17. I’m in the mood for a pizza… a pizza you.
  18. I could never get tired of my life if you are the topping on it.
  19. You’re just like a pizza box, ’cause I can’t wait to take your top off.
  20. Baby you have this effect on me I only feel when I eat pizza.
  21. I don’t want a pizza you, I want the whole pie.
  22. I want to taste you like I wanted to taste pizza right now.
  23. You’ll be the pizza and I’ll be the cheese. That way, I can melt all over you.
  24. Hey, wanna go out? i’m very pepper-lonely.
  25. I might fall to pizzas if I don’t get your name and number.
  26. Are you wearing calzogne? because you smell delicious.
  27. Baby you got through my heart so easily like only a pizza could.
  28. Having pizza time with you is the best.
  29. Wanna try my personal dipping sauce?
  30. Are you a pizza eater? Because there’s a party for two in my house tonight.
  31. If you were a pizza and I were cheese, I’d melt over you.
  32. Without a crust, pizza would be nothing, like I am without you.
  33. Come on baby, kiss is like pizza: Even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.
  34. My life needs a little more spice; can you be that spice for me?
  35. I would choose you over my pizza anytime.

Pizza pick up line

If you or your friend is a food lover you might also like using pasta pick up lines.

Who doesn’t know pizza today, it’s an Italian dish that has a flat base and round shape and is made of various ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes. Pizza is a popular fast food item in many countries.

Many popular brands only started with selling pizza and became very popular such as Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Pizza has become very popular all over the world because of the below listed reasons:

  • Pizza is tasty, healthier, and easy to make food compared to other fast food. It includes fresh vegetables, which are not found in other fast foods. In short, compared to other fast foods, pizza is healthier, faster making process, and is tasty.
  • If you travel a lot to different countries, the chances are more that you don’t like their food. Hence, here comes the pizza. If you like pizza, you’ll get it in most of the countries so that you can fill your hungry stomach eating pizza.
  • Compared to other fast foods, pizza comes at an affordable price. Even a worker or low income employee can order pizza without thinking more.
  • Pizza comes as a shareable food, so you can eat it together, which builds a strong relationship. You can order it anytime and have a small party with your friends or office people without dividing it.

Pizza Is Good Or Bad For Health?

This is one of the most asked questions, is pizza good or bad for health. Well, the short answer is pizza is good for health compared to other fast foods, as it includes protein, fat, saturated fat, fiber, calcium, and lycopene.

Also note, some people eat pizza daily, which is really bad for their health. The cheese presented on pizza is high in saturated fat though it increases cholesterol levels in the body, which results in heart disease. Therefore, if you’re eating pizza daily, then avoid it. Instead, you can have a pizza once a week.

Pizza makes you fat, though pizza will not let you thin if you’re on a diet. Hence, either avoid eating pizza or get pizza toppings, less cheese, more vegetables, and thin crust.

Which Is Better Pizza Hut Or Dominos

Domino’s and Pizza Hut are the two most popular pizza brands worldwide. But when it comes to Dominos vs Pizza Hut, then many factors to consider. Hence, let’s see which brand is better for pizza and why.

Dominos is available in more than 90 countries, and it operates around 18,000 stores worldwide. At the same time, Pizza Hut is available in more than 100 countries and operates 16,000 stores worldwide. This data shows how popular both the brands are globally, and so comparing both will be pretty tricky and challenging.

Some people like Pizza Hut, and others like Domino’s, so it depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Therefore, we recommend you order both pizza brands and taste yourself to conclude the best pizza according to your taste.

Furthermore, in some cases, Domino’s wins, while in some cases, Pizza Hut wins. Such as, in taste, Domino’s pizza is a bit better than Pizza Hut, as their sauce is very tasty. While the ingredients of Pizza Hut are better than Domino’s pizza. Further, Pizza Hut is expensive compared to Domino’s, but again, Pizza Hut offers more varieties of pizza than Domino’s.

At last, to conclude, I will say, both the brands have pros and cons, so comparing saying only one is best will be misleading. Hence, better for you to order both brands of pizza and check everything you want to have, like delivery time, taste, cheese, size, sauce, and ingredients.

Interesting Facts About Pizza

Here are some interesting and unknown facts about Pizza which you can use in conversation with a pizza lover to make the conversation interesting.

  1. It’s no secret that Pizza is the most popular fast food for Americans, but the interesting fact here is 350 slices of Pizza are eaten each second only in the U.S.
  2. Pizza was not so popular in the U.S until the world war 2. After that, when U.S soldiers were stationed in Italy, they ate Pizza, and they liked it very much. Further, when they get back to the U.S., they share the idea of making Pizza, and then slowly, the Pizza starts getting popular in the U.S.
  3. Since 1995 when Pizza got popular in the United States, cheese consumption in 25 years nearly doubled because of the high demand for Pizza.


This is our most working pizza pick up lines for every pizza lover. I hope you also like these lines and do share your experience in the comment after using them.

We also try to make you more knowledgeable about pizza by sharing information related to it. This helps you keep the conversation continued and interesting. Also, opponents will like to hear you, because they will get valuable information about the food they like the most.

If you have any pick up lines related to pizza and want to add them to our list, you can comment below. Also, make sure, if you other topics pick up lines, then explore our site; it’s full of pick up lines for many different situations.

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