85 Engineering Pick Up Lines (Cheesy, Dirty, Funny)

Are you searching for one liners engineering pick up lines? This article’s pick-up lines are for all engineers, including civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and software.

Rather than being straightforward, these lines are in a cheesy and funny tone to convey your feelings in an icy mood. The following nerdy pick up lines are guaranteed to catch the attention of any field engineer you’re looking for, regardless of their gender.

Engineering Pick Up Lines

  1. I am an engineering student. Should I be doing your analysis on that system of yours?
  2. I’m the unique solution that exists for your differential equation.
  3. Babe I heard you like roses, so here’s a polar coordinate graph of r=1+cos(theta).
  4. I’m into civil engineering. You can send all your free body diagrams to me.
  5. If I’d be a high-resistance wire, you must be a high amp current. Know why? It’s because of how hot you’re making me feel.
  6. Wow you got a fantastic elevation
  7. Since distance equals velocity times time, let’s let velocity and time approach infinity, because I want to go all the way with you.
  8. Baby what do you say me go make some perpetual motion?
  9. Hi can I check out your Data Base?
  10. Your body has the nicest arc length I’ve ever seen.
  11. Baby! You’re sweeter than fructose.
  12. Were your parents engineers? Because you have a nice design.
  13. Baby, If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA HELICASE so I could unzip your genes.
  14. I wish I was your problem set, because then I’d be really hard, and you’d be doing me on the desk.
  15. How about you and I go back to my place and form a covalent bond?
  16. You’re like the top of an Intel Processor – very hot!
  17. Can I do your Systems Analysis?
  18. Isn’t your e-mail address [email protected]
  19. Girl you are like a high amperage current and Ima high resistance wire, because you got me hot.
  20. Yes, that is a slide rule in my pocket.
  21. Damn girl you must be a strong magnetic field because you just induced a flow somewhere in me.
  22. Hi, you are my Turn Key Project.
  23. Are you negative? I’m positive I’m attracted to you. (Best electrical engineering pick up lines)
  24. Baby, is this building’s air conditioning unit malfunctioning, or is it just you?
  25. Excuse me, but I’m really attracted to you and according to Newton’s laws of gravitation, you’re attracted to me too.
  26. Damn girl you must be a strong magnetic field cause you just induced a flow somewhere in me.
  27. Girl you have cuter dimples than a cardioid!
  28. You fascinate me more than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
  29. Finally after 20 years of studies I found X in you – The X factor of my life.
  30. Are you a piece of carbon? Because I would love to date you.
  31. Boy you are a Hotrod in Crankshafts
  32. Life without you is like dereferencing a NULL pointer.
  33. By looking at you I can tell you’re 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares.
  34. I like the area bounded by your two curves.
  35. How about we do some DPI
  36. Can I handle your systems analysis?
  37. Can I see your blueprints? I wanna lay some pipe in you and need to know that you’re structurally sound enough to do so.
  38. I’d like to demonstrate with you simple harmonic motion.
  39. Has anyone ever called you FAT? They were so dead-wrong! You are NTFS, obviously.
  40. Hi, can I check out your DataBase? (Best computer engineering pick up lines)
  41. Do you like to be the numerator or the denominator?
  42. Want a 100% uptime night?
  43. Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.
  44. Engineers and girls are like asymptotes and axes, they get close, but never touch.
  45. You have got some great elevation skills; try doing that again.
  46. How about we go back to my room so we can practice simple harmonic motion?
  47. I won’t stop bugging you until I get the address of your home page.
  48. Gee I wish your Flow Chart is not short
  49. Wanna dance? I can really put your inertia in motion.
  50. Hey Baby, wanna come back to my lab and work with my microprocessor?
  51. My love for you is a monotonically increasing unbounded function.
  52. You’re hotter than a Bunsen burner set to full power!
  53. Girl when I see that body of yours it creates a stress on my heart and a strain on my beam.
  54. Let’s take each other to the limit to see if we converge.
  55. Hey baby, are you a router? Because I saw you checking out my packet
  56. Hey baby, dance with me. Let’s put our inertia in motion.
  57. I know the spring constant for my mattress. Wanna take some data?
  58. I’ll take you to the limit as x approaches infinity.
  59. That dress would look even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.8 m/s^2. (Best civil engineering pick up lines)
  60. I wish I was your second derivative so I could investigate your concavities.
  61. You are like a high amperage current and I’m a high resistance wire, cause you’ve got me hot.
  62. I wish I were your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.
  63. If I said you had a nice calculator, would you hold it against me?
  64. I would really like to bisect your angle.
  65. Would you like to be the numerator or the denominator?
  66. Would you unwrap my manifold?
  67. If I was sin^2 and you were cos^2 sweetheart together we would be 1.
  68. I’d switch to emacs for you.
  69. My love for you is like a concave up function because it is always increasing.
  70. If I was sin^2 and you were cos^2, together we would be 1.
  71. That is a slide rule in my pocket.
  72. Your or mine?
  73. Why don’t we measure the coefficient of static friction between me and you?
  74. Lets implement a baby which can inherit us.
  75. Why was the beam smiling? It was caught up in a positive moment.
  76. You and I would add up better than a Riemann sum.
  77. Let’s convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.
  78. You must be differentiable, because all I see are smooth curves.
  79. Please tell me you’re an electron because you have me electrified.
  80. Baby, you are the perfect switch. You always turn me on.
  81. My love for you is a constant, with a differential of zero and no concavity.
  82. What has a differential of zero and has no concavity? My love for you, because it’s constant.
  83. When the frequencies get high, I’ll be your capacitor. Always open for you.
  84. Finally after 20 years of studies I found X in you – The X factor of my lifes.
  85. We’d make the perfect couple. Trust me. I’m an engineer!

Engineering Pick Up Line

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All About Engineers And Engineering

Someone who studies engineering and learns it to create something new is a true engineer. Engineers are innovative people who work hard to make innovative products for the world. It can be anything that makes human life safer and more accessible, such as design, machines, systems, or structures. They are often responsible for ensuring the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and highways.

Engineers have a lot of skill since it is an integral part of what they do. For example, teamwork, creativity, social, cultural, and economic issues, and the knowledge of all subjects of science, including physics, math, chemistry, and biology.

Obtaining an entry-level engineering job requires a bachelor’s degree. After that, according to your performance and work, you can be a professional engineer.

Aside from the degree, you should have soft skills such as communication and active listing. Communication is essential because you work in a team and, as an engineer, your duty is to explain the project as best you can. Additionally, active listening is essential because, as an engineer, you are likely to be assigned many big projects like bridges or buildings. If you make a mistake in listening to the owner, you will definitely make a mistake in your project.

Third, you should be able to think creatively. You can’t become a good engineer if you simply stay calm and let go of small mistakes. Engineers should be open minded and creative so that if a hurdle arises in their project, they can easily overcome it.

A skill like this is very common and apparently of no importance, but you cannot be a good engineer if ignored.

Types Of Engineer

The role of engineers goes beyond repairing big machinery or inventing new technologies for humans. Additionally, there are many types of engineers that most people aren’t even aware of!

Engineering is a vast field, but let’s take a look at a few of the most common and in-demand engineer fields.

Civil Engineering: Engineers specialize in designing, planning, and overseeing the construction of public infrastructure. It can be anything like buildings, roads, sidewalks, bridges, airports, and dams. Civil engineers can work in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, these articles feature civil engineering pick up lines as well.

Chemical Engineering: The study and practice of designing, developing, and maintaining chemical processes, equipment, and systems for manufacturing chemicals. Many situations can be addressed using this field, including fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, and biologicals. It develops new products and improves existing ones. A good field for those interested in chemistry, math, and physics. Chemical engineering pick-up lines are featured in these articles.

Mechanical Engineering: The field of mechanical engineering encompasses the design, production, and operation of machines. This field is concerned with creating devices with practical applications for people, such as more efficient vehicles or power generators. It also plays a vital role in future products in many fields, including aerospace, automotive, robotics, and nanotechnology. You can also find mechanical engineering pick up lines and one liners jokes in this article.

Electrical Engineering: Since every field produces products or is somehow affected by electricity, electrical engineering is the most challenging and booming engineering field. Electrical engineers design and manufacture electrical components such as motors, power generators, and navigation systems. The need of electrical engineers is in a variety of fields, including research, manufacturing, and telecommunications. For interested people, electrical engineering pick up lines are added to this article.

Software Engineering: Computer programs are designed, planned, and developed by software engineers. It includes testing, debugging, and maintaining software systems. In recent decades, it has advanced so much that we can now make things we wouldn’t be able to make with wood or metal alone. In this article, we have software engineer pick up lines for those who are interested in this field.

Facts About Engineering

Now that you have read through many engineer pick up lines let’s see some unknown facts about engineering.

1. Almost 220 million tons of old electronics and technological equipment like computers are discarded in the United States alone each year. The U.S. Research Council estimates that 68% of Americans have unwanted televisions or computers stored in their homes.

2. In 1960, Theodore Maiman invented the first laser in California.

3. In 1968, Douglas Engelbart was the first to invent the computer mouse. It’s debuted in San Francisco.


As you have learned, engineers are vital to the development of society today and in the future. Lastly, we’ve also provided you with fun facts that you can share with others to show off your knowledge.

I hope our engineering pick up lines were enjoyable for you. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments section below.

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