30 Boxing Pick Up Lines (Funny, Dirty, Cheesy)

Boxing pick up lines: No doubt boxing is a challenging sport, and similarly, if you like someone who is passionate about boxing or a boxer, it can be challenging to share your feelings with them.

It is quite challenging to share your feelings with boxing fans and boxers because they are both physically and mentally fit. That is where the pick up lines come into play.

We have provided boxing pick up lines in this article to help you strike up a conversation with someone who likes boxing or is a boxer.

Because these fighting pick up lines are related to boxing, a passionate person will communicate with you passionately if you share these lines with them. If you start a conversation with them, you will become a friend and gradually can share your feelings with them.

Boxing Pick Up Lines

  1. You must be a boxer. One look, and I fall for you.
  2. Baby, either I just got knocked out or I’m falling for you.
  3. Want to see my take down move and get on top of you?
  4. You must be a boxer. One look, and are thrown.
  5. I’m not trying to erupt with this small island here. But my boxers are packing some punch.
  6. Are you a boxer? How about getting on your knees and giving me two blows to the head?
  7. Hey baby, wanna wrestle?
  8. I’ll let you mount me for 15 minutes anytime.
  9. You and me, one-on-one, in my bed.
  10. Are you a BJJ specialist? Because I would love to be in your guard!
  11. If I said you had a great body triangle would you hold it against me?
  12. How about you let me take you down and ground and pound you?
  13. Are you amateur or professional boxer? Should we do it tonight with protective headgear or not?
  14. Is your father a boxer? Cause you’re a knockout.
  15. Girl, you make me so hard that you will need a mouthguard.
  16. Babe, you cannot hit me while you knocked me down, but you sure can ride me.
  17. No tapping out! Just come.
  18. Are you a boxer? Cause you sure did knock me out.
  19. Did you list “boxer” as your occupation? Because you’re a knockout client.
  20. You’re like GSP. You’re my number 1.
  21. I hope our love is like a boxing fight. It never ends.
  22. Every guy has his own favorite pair of boxers. If your lucky enough maybe I’ll show you mine.
  23. If my love was like blows to the head, the ref would have to call the match.
  24. I know you’re a knockout, so how’d you get me in this submission?
  25. Hey baby, are you a boxer. Because I want you to stick your hand in me like a glove.
  26. I was knocked out by your beauty or was it your spinning back fist?
  27. Wanna play midget boxing? You get down on your knees and give me a couple blows!
  28. Do you do body combat? Because your body is kicking!
  29. Our bond is so tight I might just tap.
  30. Are you a boxer? Well you should be, you’re one hell of a knock out!

boxing pick up line

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If someone in your life is passionate about boxing, then sure, try one of these lines out, but don’t test them in any situation. If the person is in an angry mood or struggling, and you share these lines in place of starting a conversation, they might be angry with you.

Thus, everything has its own time. These pick up lines can be helpful and shareable if you see the person in a good mood and talking calmly with others.

How To Get Started In A Boxing Career

If you’re passionate about boxing and thinking of getting started in boxing as a career, these guides will help you.

Start Training

To become a professional boxer, you need to be physically fit, in shape, and know the basics of boxing, like the name of moves and how to do it.

Therefore to get into boxing, the first thing you have to do is get trained. If you found any boxing training center near you, join it, but if not, you can do the gym and start practice moves yourself. If you’re really passionate, you can even learn some moves from youtube and try in the gym or home yourself.

It’s seen some gyms have boxing rings which you can utilize to practice yourself and also get suggestions from the trainer.

At last of this point, will say the practice of boxing moves is very important. In boxing, once you learn the move, you feel it’s easy, but getting it in the action of a real fight needs lots of practice. Hence, take your time and practice a lot.

Focus On Diet

You may have heard all the professional boxers follow their own diet plan and also follow it regularly.

If you’re working hard but not following a good diet, you can’t be a great boxer. Boxing needs your attention and sacrifice to achieve your goal.

You can get a proper diet plan according to your coach. After getting your health report, the trainer will suggest you a good diet plan that suits your riding style.

Get State License

If you want to do boxing at the state level, then you have to get a state license. Once you get these licenses, you can play boxing anywhere in the particular state.

Some boxers fight without a license, but that is illegal and dangerous. Therefore having a license is very important, and also it’s a clear indication of your body. Hence, if the rules are strict somewhere, you can get a chance to fight easily with this license.

Amateur Boxing Tournaments

If you’ve not yet participated in boxing, you can get this chance for your first fight by amateur boxing tournaments. If you don’t know the location, you can find all the nearby tournaments by searching online.

This tournament is open to every beginner kid from age 8 or up. If you think about how you’ll compete with older boxers, then wait; in this tournament, you’ll get your opponent according to your age, height, and weight.

How To Learn Boxing At Home Without Equipment

Although there are several exercises you can do at home and learn the basics of boxing, the below listed are the most effective and useful.

The very first thing which you teach in boxing training is discipline, and confidence, which most people miss when they train at home. Therefore to learn every move effectively, remember this.

Jump Rope Warm Up

Jump rope is one of the best exercises everyone can afford at home also to warm up. If you’ve trained at coaching, you know the trainer tells you to warm up by jumping or running before every boxing exercise.

If you still do not have a jump rope, you can do it by acting like that and keep jumping. The end goal is to warm up the body. Once your body is warm, move on to the actual exercise.

Improving Your Punching Power

Instead of multiple ineffective pouches, one effective punch is good. Punching is one of the most used moves in boxing. Hence if you try to improve your punching power, you can see a very good result. You can see Youtube videos to learn the right punching way.

Along with power punching also learn to push speedily. If you learn to punch at a speed, you can block the opponent by not getting any chance to get in action.

Heavy Bag Workout At Home

If you can afford to get a heavy bag at home, this is one of the most famous and effective exercises. Heavy bag plays a role like your opponent and keeps you motivated to keep punching.

Heavy bags are recommended at home if you want to work out at home and plan to be a boxer.

Further, don’t just stand and keep punching; take a punching bag as your opponent, and you’re in the ring. Now keep jumping, moving, and hitting the bag from different sides. This way, you can see how much strength you have and how much to improve.

If you’re a heavy guy, the punching bag can still be your good exercise as it’s also known as good for weight loss and building muscles.


There is a lot of confusion surrounding boxing pick up lines. Boxers and boxing fans must wonder how many of them will respond positively when seeing or hearing these lines.

Since you are here, we have only compiled the best boxer pick up lines, so your chances of getting a positive response are higher. If you share this line with them when they are in a good mood, then your chances are even higher.

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