50+ Basketball Pick Up Lines (Funny, Cheesy, Dirty)

Basketball pick up lines: Many people love basketball, but if you want to share the feelings with someone who loves it, you need some compelling lines. Throughout this article, we have shared funny, dirty and cheesy basketball pick up lines, using terms such as players, NBA, and Jordan, which will help you break the ice.

You can use these pick up lines in many situations. For example, with this pick up line, you can talk interestingly with basketball players, share your feelings with a crush who is into basketball, or grab the attention of opponents while playing the sport.

Basketball Pick Up Lines

  1. I love playing basketball and I can say I am good at it but hey, I promise not to play with you.
  2. I lost two of my basketballs today. Are they hiding underneath your shirt?
  3. I am so dedicated to basketball, but I promise you I’ll bring that same dedication to our relationship.
  4. Want to practice the jump ball with me?
  5. I may be a basketball player, but I’ll never play with your heart.
  6. If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot because I’d always miss you.
  7. Do you play center? Would you like to be the center of my attention?
  8. May I put my balls in your basket?
  9. If you give me one pure shot, I’ll make this your lucky day.
  10. I hear you are a good ball-handler, but can you handle my balls?
  11. Your Jordan jersey looks great but it’ll look even better on the bedroom floor.
  12. Do you love basketball? You only need a basket cause i already got balls.
  13. I’m a good ball handler, what about you?
  14. Instead of zone defense, can we play some man-to-woman coverage tonight?
  15. I’ll be your Kevin if you’ll be my Love.
  16. If you were the ball, no one else would ever score because I’d never pass you around.
  17. Honey, you’re a slam dunk!
  18. You’re a pure woman, but I’d love to show you my spin move.
  19. I’d love to take it to the hole and drop my balls in your Hoop!
  20. Are you from Cleveland, because I’m digging that Cavalier attitude.
  21. I made three hoops today. Want to be my fourth?
  22. You’ll always be my king of comebacks.
  23. I’d love to practice layups with you all night long.
  24. Girl you can call me D. Rose cause you got me weak in the knees.
  25. You be the Bulls and I’ll bring the Heat!
  26. Damn girl I must be Kobe cause I can’t pass you up.
  27. I can score from multiple positions.
  28. They Call Michael Jordan the GOAT, but I Think You Really Are!
  29. My biggest idol isn’t Michael Jordan, it’s you baby.
  30. If you were a basketball, could I drive you, and lay you up?
  31. Your nickname must be Kobe because you play great offense
  32. I hand out couple assists per game, but never landed on a dime like you.
  33. I’ll keep you so busy you won’t care which of us has the possession arrow.
  34. I hit threes all the time but you’d be my first 10.
  35. I wouldn’t pay $2 Billion for the clippers, but I would for dinner with you.
  36. You’re sweeter than a Steph Curry jumper.
  37. I don’t wanna go to the sports bar but I’d love to see what’s on your menu.
  38. Aye girl, are you Dennis Rodman? Cause I’ll be your rebound.
  39. Want to play basketball together? You need the balls. I have the hoop!
  40. Sweetheart, will you hurry up and put your ball into my hoop?
  41. Should I take it to the hole or take it to the rack?
  42. Hey sugar-buns, do you play Center? Wanna be the center of my attention?
  43. If you were a basketball, would you let me lay you up?
  44. Hey, are you Dennis Rodman? Because I’ll be your rebound!
  45. I think you’re a basketball fan because each time I looked at you, my D. Rose.
  46. I play basketball. I’m really good at scoring from all sorts of positions.
  47. Boy I heard you’re a basketball player. I’d like to see you dribble those balls between these legs.
  48. Basketball is very popular, but you are my top priority in this life. Will you be mine baby?
  49. Does the goal still count if you just tip it in?
  50. Let’s stop with the zone defense, I’d much rather do man-to-woman coverage.

Basketball Pick Up Line

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All About Basketball

Around December 1, 1891, James Naismith invented basketball at the International Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Training School. James Naismith was a teacher of physical education in Canada.

Basketball is a popular sport worldwide with an estimated 2.2 billion fans, making it the world’s third most popular sport. From a country perspective, the United States dominates the list of the most followed basketball countries. In addition to being an Olympic sport, everything about these sports makes them more popular.

Let’s examine some of the reasons why basketball is so popular around the world:

1. Basketball is considered to be one of the cheapest sports in the world. To play, all you need is a ball and a hoop. A player scores points by shooting the ball into the hoop. Despite the numerous expensive sports equipment available on the market, they aren’t essential, so people play without them. Since basketball has become more popular in recent years, finding a court and hoops in your neighborhood or community has become more accessible. Therefore, all you have to do is purchase a ball, which is very affordable, and start playing.

2 Simple and easy to learn rules are the most crucial part that makes basketball so popular. When it comes to other games, you find complex rules which you sometimes can’t even recall while playing. However, it is not the case in basketball.

3. Because the playing field or court is smaller than a football or other sports, all the standing players get a chance to play.

4. It is also enjoyable to watch others playing the game since it has scoring rules. Additionally, many world-class athletes are basketball players, though it is exciting to observe them on TV.

5. While many sports cannot be played all year round, basketball is both an indoor and outdoor sport, and you can play it year-round.

In countries such as the US, basketball is also widely played in schools and colleges alongside soccer, football, and other sports, which cause students to love the game by playing it regularly.

Benefits Of Basketball

So far, we have discussed the best basketball pick up line in English and some other points about basketball. In this section, we will look at some of the benefits of basketball. You heard right, along with the fun game, basketball also has several advantages. Below, we are going to look at a few of these benefits.

1. As with every sport, basketball has several health benefits, such as burning between 600 and 700 calories per hour. The activity also helps improve body balance, build muscle, and improve circulation, so the heart becomes stronger.

2. Basketball is one of the best sports for building self-confidence. As soon as you get the ball in hand and you need to shoot it through the hoop, everyone looks at you, but you can only shoot the ball in if you’re confident. It is very common for beginners to fail at first, but you can overcome these challenges with practice and confidence.

3. Any physical sport is good to keep you active and stress-free, including basketball. Whether you’re tired or stressed, playing basketball will provide you with the same feeling of energy and focus.

4. Along with building physical health, basketball also helps to build mental fitness. There is no doubt that basketball is a game of focus and quick action by observing the opponent, making it a perfect brain game.

5. Playing basketball also teaches you about teamwork, which is a skill that will serve you in life beyond the game.

Facts About Basketball

1. The game of basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith. Typically, the game is played outdoors on a rectangular court with a peach basket at each end, and players are not allowed to stray outside the playing area except when guarding or shooting free throws.

2. During the early stages of basketball development, soccer balls were used instead of today’s balls. However, the modern ball was invented in 1898, and the game has been played since 1891.

3. During the season 1953-1954, the NBA and Dumont Television signed a first-ever national television contract.

4. The most famous basketball player in American history, Michael Jordan, retired in January 1999. Still, he became the first player to score more points (5,987) than any other in history following his return to the league in 2001.

5. Perhaps you are unaware that in the past, the practice of dribbling the ball wasn’t mandatory since the ball was a soccer ball. This is how it works: the player catches the ball, runs a few steps, and shoots the ball towards the target point.


It can be challenging to stand out when we are constantly inundated with media content. When you want your message to stick in people’s minds, you need to think outside the box, even if they don’t remember why they found you exciting or funny. Feel free to try these basketball pick up lines with your crush or friend if they’re fans of the game.

You are welcome to share your experience with these pick up lines in the comment box below.

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