50+ Volleyball pick up lines 2022 (Funny, Dirty, Cheesy)

Whether you are a volleyball player or watching and trying to break the ice, we have the best volleyball pick up lines for you. To make it effective, these lines include volleyball terms such as beach and tournament.

Along with these lines, we’ve included other stats about volleyball that you may wish to share with your friends for some added flair.

Volleyball Pick Up Lines

  1. If you were a volleyball I’d be sure to call you mine.
  2. Are you a volleyball? Because I will always dive for you.
  3. I don’t think you have to warm up, because you’re already looking hot.
  4. Are you a receiver? Because I got some fast balls for you.
  5. By the time I am done, you won’t have the power to attack block this cock.
  6. Are you a good blocker? Because I sense a big fat tip coming.
  7. Are you an overpass? Because I’d hit that
  8. Babe, I am just into jungle ball or picnic volleyball.
  9. Girl are you a team player, because we could assist each other for the perfect score.
  10. You play volleyball? Let me grab some knee pads, so I can slide into your DMs.
  11. Am I looking at a defense specialist? Because you are totally keeping the play alive.
  12. Darling I love seeing your boobs while playing volleyball, because I would totally hit that.
  13. I see you know how to use the block, but I ain’t no tool.
  14. Girl are you a setter? Because I’d hit that.
  15. dI know just how to approach you: left, right, left.
  16. You must be a setter because you’re good with your hands.
  17. Are you a hitter? Because I can set you up for the perfect spike.
  18. Are you a three-point pass? Because you’re perfect.
  19. Girl I don’t play any decoy game.
  20. Babe, let’s practice volleyball. You gotta work on your ball handling error.
  21. Are you as good as serving your numbers as you do with volleyball?
  22. Are you a volleyball? Because I would hit on you all night long.
  23. Babe, do you want me to go short or go deep?
  24. dAre you as good as serving your numbers like you do with volleyball?
  25. Do you play volleyball? Because you look great on your knees.
  26. Girl, anytime you want me to stop, just cry foul.
  27. Babe you are my perfect three-point pass.
  28. Are you sure you’re not a volleyball? Because I’m calling you mine.
  29. Girl I’d like to test my bump pass with your ass.
  30. Girl do you play volleyball? What is your favorite position?
  31. Babe, get in ready position and I will spike into your net.
  32. Girl, you served an ace through my heart.
  33. Dive for my pants and you will save some amazing balls.
  34. If you’re a volleyball player, I think we can set up a date.
  35. Wow seeing you dive really turns me on.
  36. Don’t be afraid of the net, we got much better protection.
  37. Girl even if I am a volleyball player, I won’t avoid faults and pass the blame to you.
  38. Babe, get in the ready position and I will spike into your net.
  39. Look out for my power tip!
  40. Girl you play volleyball? Do you enjoy dive in deep or float in the shallow?
  41. You can do anything you want as long as you will give me a kiss after your game, okay?
  42. Girl, you like defensive play or attack play?
  43. If you were a volleyball, there are so many positions that I could handle you.
  44. Girl, are you ready to receive my point of service?
  45. I am coming! Time to run for cover.
  46. Hey Girl! Can I touch you more than 3 times?
  47. Girl, where do you prefer my bump? Attack line or back court?
  48. If I serve my heart to you, would you return yours?
  49. We’re not allowed to touch the volleyball more than three times but I’d love to do that to you.
  50. I am the service winner, ready to see how I score?
  51. If I can set you up good on the court, I’ll definitely set you up in bed.
  52. Let’s set it up for the future, it’s time to take the dive baby.
  53. I see you know how to use the block, but I will keep trying.

volleyball pick up line

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All About Volleyball

If you played volleyball in high school or college, and a few of you are still playing, you know the game well. Today, we’ll share some more helpful information about volleyball. We’ll talk about something beyond the basics, like volleyball is a sport that involves two teams of six players.

It’s a game you may not enjoy watching in the early days, but you will become addicted to it when you start playing. Volleyball is one of the most popular school sports, but many people can’t put it at the top of their priority list because of their academic responsibilities. Because of this, when they become financially free, they start going to these volleyball matches and really enjoy them. Therefore, to meet new people and start conversations, they also look for volleyball pick up lines, which we’ve also listed in this article.

The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. The game is played on a sand court, grass field, or any other surface that allows the ball to bounce off of it without interference from objects such as trees.

Many variations of volleyball are still played today, over 100 years after the sport was first invented. William G. Morgan invented volleyball and taught it at YMCA schools around Boston before becoming president of volleyball’s international governing body.

It’s also worth knowing that the National YMCA Physical Education Committee in New York City conducted the first national tournament in 1922.

Additionally, you may have watched or played volleyball on the beach, as it was first introduced to California in 1930. Later in 1948, in California the first official beach tournament was held.

The sport of volleyball also entered the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 due to its increasing popularity. In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, volleyball was also played in the pool.

Benefits Of Volleyball

Although volleyball is a physical sport, it is common knowledge that it has many physical and mental benefits. Let’s look at a few of them to boost your motivation.

In a small area, volleyball is one of the best games you can play, and it can help you burn off a lot of calories and fat. According to studies, if you play volleyball hard for almost half an hour, you can burn 120 to 178 calories. However, playing a less competitive game still burns 90 to133 calories.

By playing volleyball, the heart and lungs work harder, making them stronger over time without exerting additional effort. As a result, volleyball also helps to improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems in an enjoyable way.

When you play volleyball regularly, you will have more energy to perform different tasks, including studying, working, or dealing with stress and anxiety. This is the result of increasing metabolic rate by playing volleyball.

It takes a team of six people to play volleyball, and you can’t do that without trusting one another. At the same time, volleyball teaches you important lessons like teamwork, which is crucial to success.

Taking quick action is another life skill you can learn from volleyball. It’s difficult to predict where the opponent will throw the ball while playing this game, and you just respond in the same direction when your body reacts without overthinking. This helps you succeed in every area of life because an action is what leads to success.

Playing volleyball also gives you many physical benefits like stamina, flexibility, speed, and coordination, which you can experience over a few weeks or months.

Facts About Volleyball

Here are some interesting facts about volleyball to make you look smart among your friends by increasing your game knowledge.

1. As a result of Morgan’s invention, the volleyball game was named after a game in France called mintonette. The observer later pointed out the players were volleying the ball back and forth, so Morgan changed the name from mintonette to volleyball.

2. Despite being a very fast-paced sport, volleyball has one unique feature that makes it more intense: jumping. Each player jumps about 300 times throughout the match.

3. While in volleyball, every team has the same amount of time until they have won three games. But we can say that the games last an average of 60 to 90 minutes. An interesting fact here is that in Kingston, North Carolina, the longest volleyball game was played for 72 hours and 30 minutes.

4. The spectator experience becomes complicated when trying to see the ball clearly on Tv. However, colored volleyball was first used in 1998 in order to solve this problem.

5. There are more than 900 million volleyball fans, making it one of the most popular sports in the world. Despite being the oldest sport since 100 years ago, it still ranks among the top 5 most popular sports worldwide.


I hope you found this article entertaining and informative, as well as the answer to your query about the volleyball pick up lines you are looking for.

If you have any pick up lines related to this, please share them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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