25+ Hiking Pick Up Lines: Outdoors, Adventure Lines 2022

Even though hiking is fun and full of enjoyment, you need hiking pick up lines to make it more enjoyable and to converse with other hikers. Here are a bunch of outdoor pick up lines that you can use outside.

You’ll find these pick up lines useful if you’re on an adventure trip with camping, vacation, or on tour.

So let’s make it more fun by providing additional information about hiking.

Hiking Pick Up Lines

  1. Your legs must be tired because you have been hiking through my mind all night.
  2. The first time I saw your hiking boots, I knew we were sole-mates.
  3. Hey, do you have a map? Cause I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  4. This headlamp isn’t the only thing getting turned on tonight.
  5. My heart rate’s always higher when I hike with you.
  6. Your batteries must be low after hiking all day. Can I recharge them?
  7. Hey, can I borrow your water filter? Cause you’ve got me thinking impure thoughts.
  8. I am struggling to carry with this hiking but your great glow has kept me going.
  9. My love for you is like hiking. It goes on and on.
  10. Are you a mountain climber? ‘Cause you really peaked my interest.
  11. Does this road lead to heaven? Because that’s where you should be.
  12. Hey, are you a campfire? ‘Cause you’re super hot and I want s’more.
  13. Are your hands cold after such a long period of hiking? You can place them under my warm thigh vents.
  14. Are you a headnet? ‘Cause I’m buggin’ over how cute you are!
  15. Is there ice on the ground? Because I think I just fell for you.
  16. Are you like this mountain? Because I can’t seem to get over you.
  17. Are you a mosquito? ‘Cause I’m a sucker for you.
  18. You are really sweating; do you want to get hydrated?
  19. Are you backpacker? ‘Cause you got this whole “being attractive” thing in. the. bag.
  20. I am not sure if it was this hiking or you that made my heart skip a beat.
  21. Hey, do you know what this Patagonia puffy is made out of? …Girlfriend material.
  22. If I gave you my hiking shoes, will you step into my life?
  23. I am not a photographer but I can picture us hiking together.
  24. Hopefully, you packed a map because I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  25. Hey, are you a GPS? ‘Cause with you, all my dreams are InReach.
  26. Do you climb? Because baby I can be your rock.
  27. Can you hike with me so that I can tell my friends I hiked with an angel?

hiking pick up line

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Enjoying a vacation by hiking is the best way to spend time outdoors. It involves long walks through the countryside, usually on trails or footpaths. When hiking, you will see the mountains and people of different nations, which is a real fun.

If you’re a beginner, hiking is also a bit risky, and therefore in this article, we’ll also guide you through everything for hiking beginners.

In addition, there are also many types of hiking with a short hiking trip of a half day or for multiple days like ten or twenty, so let’s see first the types of hiking.

Different Types Of Hiking

Different types of hiking can be found, and people choose one according to their strengths and interests. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular hiking types.

Day Hiking: It is the most preferred hiking by people because it is only 12 hours in the day. A day hike is the best option for beginners since it teaches you all about hiking with minimal risk. As a beginner, don’t take day hiking lightly. It is your starting point to become a good hiker. Such as, you’ve already planned to back home before sunset, still, go hiking with flash light or headlamps. Additionally, wear all the gear, get a backpack, and start hiking with friends or other hikers.

Overnight Hiking: After you’ve tried day hiking, you can also try overnight hiking. While day hiking, you can just get a tent with you and sleep on your route without climbing the mountain or walking at night. You can bring food or your favorite drink with you and share the night with other hikers. The risk here is also high, though you should proceed with a team of trusted individuals.

Weekend Hiking: Most people are busy during the week due to their tight schedule, but on weekends they go hiking with their families or friends, who are known as weekend hikers. A hiking weekend can be as easy as setting up camp with food and staying in nature near your house that is safe. 

Distance Hiking: Those who are already experienced with day and night hiking can also prepare for long distance hiking. However, it is not that easy since you have to prepare the food yourself, carry more luggage, and stay more than three nights. Although planning before going on a distance hike is crucial, this is a long way from home.

Gear You Need For Hiking

If you’re a beginner or experienced hiker, wearing gear is highly recommended, especially for long distance hikes. Here are some of the essential gear hikers need.

Hiking Shoes: An essential piece of hiking gear is a pair of good hiking shoes. To avoid receiving bruising or an abrasion from rough wilderness terrain on your trip and to ensure a firm grip on slippery, rough, muddy, wet, and slick roads, always wear sensible walking footwear. Additionally, hiking shoes help in many ways, including stability, support, animal protection, and comfort. Furthermore, you should note that the typical sports shoes you wear for running are unsuitable for hiking. It is important to wear hiking shoes that are different. 

Hiking Socks: In order to avoid foot problems that are common when hiking, you should wear hiking socks. In our experience, SmartWool makes the highest quality hiking socks, keeping your feet cool and making them highly reliable.

Hiking Backpack: No matter what type of hiker you are, a backpack is essential. Be sure that your hiking backpack has hydration or separate bottle space. Otherwise, you will need to carry a separate hydration bag. For hiking, several brands produce good-quality backpacks explicitly designed for hiking, so you should stick to them. The backpack can hold food, water, extra gear, power banks, and anything else that’s expensive.

You will need many more gears for hiking, but these are the most important and recommended ones.

Benefits Of Hiking

Hiking is a fun and adventurous activity that also has several benefits, so let’s check them out. You will be inspired to go hiking after reading this.

1. Hiking is a great cardio workout. It’s a good idea to plan a small hiking tour weekly with your friends if you don’t like to exercise or go to the gym every day. In addition to reducing heart disease, improving blood pressure, increasing strength, and reducing weight, this will also reduce anxiety and stress levels.

2. It is recommended that heavy guys go hiking whenever they have the opportunity. You will lose weight very fast since hiking is a physical activity that requires extra carrying luggage. According to research, hiking for one hour can burn up to 440 calories for a 160 pound person. At the same time, an hour of hiking can burn up to 550 calories for a 200 pound person. The heavier you are, the faster you’ll see the result.

3. Let’s cut down on our TV and social media usage. During hiking, you can experience nature and breathe pure oxygen, which calms and relaxes you. You also gain more confidence if you do this.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed the hiking pick up lines with additional information we offered in this article. Share these pick up lines in your adventure spot to make the experience memorable.

Additionally, you can also share the benefits of hiking with those who are not aware of them so that they can also join you on your next hike.

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