Economics Pick Up Lines: Including Finance (2022)

Those looking for finance and economics pick up lines will find this article very useful. Money, bank loan, and other related words appear throughout these lines.

This line is perfect for breaking the ice with your crush or economics professor, whether in or out of the classroom. There are many ways to start a conversation, but it might be a little awkward in economic terms, and only related pick up lines will work. Let’s see some of the best economic one-liners.

Economics Pick Up Lines


  1. Baby, you’re not an option, — you’re totally a future!
  2. Are you revenue? Cause I’m at a loss without you.
  3. I hope interest rates are low, because I want to invest my time in you.
  4. Do you want to get out of here so you can show me your private funding?
  5. It’s OK, baby…I’m a price taker.
  6. I’m a pure public good… you can free-ride on me any time you want.
  7. You have a boyfriend? That’s ok. My girlfriend and I are into credit-swapping
  8. You’re a hot commodity.
  9. I’ll issue us a bond with equity warrants. It’ll bring us closer, and you can own all of me.
  10. Is that your debt ceiling rising, or are you just happy to see me?
  11. Are your legs available for some open market operations?
  12. I’m down like the stock market. Now ride me to the top.
  13. You make my demand curve go inelastic.
  14. You’re an economist. I’m an economist. How about a little horizontal integration?
  15. Let’s play a game where going out with me is the dominant strategy.
  16. Take my stimulus package!
  17. My love for you is like perpetuity. It’ll never end.
  18. You and I should be in the same industry; so that we could merge horizontally.
  19. I’m not like other guys. I’d never withdraw my deposits without at least offering a wraparound.
  20. I think you and I would have excellent potential output.
  21. I wish I could be your derivative so that I could lie tangent to your curves.
  22. You’re the Biggest investment that I’ve ever made.
  23. Let’s go to bed and try to disprove the law of diminishing marginal utility.
  24. How can I lower your barriers to entry?
  25. I would like to show you all my outstanding positions.
  26. Now those are some tangible A$$ets!
  27. The national debt isn’t the only thing that’s rising.
  28. Babe, I’m like a natural monopoly. I’m big enough to supply the entire market.
  29. Are you the fed because I want you to manage my inflation.
  30. Baby, you’re not an option — you’re totally a future!
  31. Im down like the stock market, now ride me to the top.
  32. I’m very volatile. I need some quantitative easing.
  33. Supply equals demand, baby.
  34. I wanna put her into my mutual fund. Collect interest on that if ya know what I mean.
  35. Your presence is one big positive externality
  36. Hey girl, you interested in receiving some liquidity tonight?
  37. My love for you is like a perpetuity, it’ll never end.
  38. Your demand for me should be inelastic; there are no substitutes.
  39. Hey girl, my Patronus is a financial statement.
  40. I’ll issue us a bond with equity warrants. It’ll bring us closer and you can own all of me.
  41. Hey, let’s talk about our private goods.
  42. I think that hole in your balance sheet needs a liquidity injection.
  43. Girl ill boost your moral like Enron boosted the economy in the 90’s.
  44. Wanna talk about our private goods?
  45. Girl, you’re the best performer in my diversified portfolio of booty calls.
  46. I need you to help me fight some inflation.
  47. I can increase our mutual payoff.
  48. How do you get multiple girls at one time? Tell them about network externalities.
  49. Is that your debt ceiling rising or are just happy to see me?
  50. Girl, you got my pants on the rise like Apple stock.

Economics Pick Up Lines

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All About Economics

The study of economics focuses on what people and society need and how to meet their requirements. Creating a balanced production system requires the government to study and make decisions. Economic involves the production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services.

For example, in North Carolina, after the winter storms destroyed poultry farms, the supply of eggs was reduced, although to maintain the balance, the companies raised the prices by 7%. Therefore, the demand for eggs drops so that the companies can deliver the eggs to a limited number of people and still maintain a steady income.

Although economics is a vast field, it is generally divided into microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Microeconomics: An area of economics that largely focuses on consumer, producer, and government behavior. It’s the study of human behavior related to price increases and what they demand at particular prices. The study of microeconomics can aid businesses in maximizing profits even in the worst situation. Additionally, it is divided into different fields, including Health Economics, Economics of education, Environmental and natural resource economics, Industrial organization, Urban/regional economics, Labor, and demographics.

Macroeconomics: It refers to the study of large scale economic developments at regional, national and international levels. Using interest rates, taxes, and money spent by the government. A macroeconomic analysis deals with money, interest rates, credit markets, monetary policy, and central banking. While on the global scale, it is concerned with Trade, Exchange rates, International investment, Foreign aid, growth, and development.

In order to become an economist, you need skills like critical thinking, mathematics, statistics, data acquisition and analysis, technical software, reporting, communication, and writing. 

Now the question arises: where do they work? Well, there are many fields in which an economist is essential. A few examples are Banking and investment, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Consulting within both the private and public sectors.

Advertising for various goods and services is also subject to many misconceptions. While some say advertising more is a good idea, others say advertising within limits is better. However, if you can plan your marketing with the help of an economist, you will see big growth in your business.

Additionally, advertising makes the brand more valuable and also breaks the argument between the seller and the consumer. A few sellers sell the product at a high price that the company does not offer, even though the company can directly contact the consumer through advertising. In addition, consumers are happy to spend their money because they know they are buying at affordable prices.

Branch Of Economics

As we discussed above, all the branches of economics fall under Micro and Macro Economics. Let’s see some of those:

Classical Economics: It’s basically developed by Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Jean-Baptiste Say. It is also referred to as modern economics. In this field, studies are conducted on how resource allocation can be maximized through the use of the free market. A need for this field is more significant in the government sector, which suggests that goods are allocated based on demand.

Neoclassical Economics: This field is also known as orthodox economics, which is studying how humans make decisions when faced with scarcity. This field is essentially the same as classical economics, but with some new ideas. The new concepts here are utility maximization, rational choice theory, and Marginal analysis.

Keynesian Economics: Due to the failure of Neoclassical economics to explain persistent economic depression and mass unemployment, in 1930, Keynesian economics was developed. It belongs to the Macroeconomics discipline. The development of this field is very beneficial to explain things that are not possible in the Neoclassical.

Facts About Economics

So far, you have been introduced to the best economics pick up lines and the basic knowledge about them. Here are some hidden facts about economics that you can share with anyone to look smart.

1. In the past, economics was known as political economics. At the turn of the 20th century, the neoclassical school of economics played a significant role in changing the name to economics. It is the goal of the Neoclassical school to incorporate economics into science.

2. It may be familiar to you that Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics specifically to discover the law of photoelectricity in 1921. Likewise, in chemistry, biology, math, and other science disciplines, award winners have been recognized with Nobel Prizes. However, the Nobel prize in Economics is a fake. Sweden’s industrialists founded the Nobel Prize, and they have refused to give the Real Nobel Prize to free market economists.


The best way to seem intelligent is to share the hidden facts about your field that no one knows. But to start a conversation or express your love to your crush, pick up lines are a great way to do that. As a result, this article addressed economic pick up lines that economists will find helpful.

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