33+ Chipotle pick up lines | Funny, Dirty & Cheesy

Chipotle pick up lines: Are you looking for Chipotle pickup lines? Chipotle pick up lines is a great way to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in if you or your crush like Chipotle or having lunch over Chipotle. They can be funny, clever, or just plain old cheesy, but they always work.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration to talk to anyone you’re interested in, here are some of our favorite Chipotle lines for you!

Chipotle pick up lines

  1. Are you Chipotle, because I want to eat you in so many ways in so many combinations.
  2. Babe, I want to wrap around you like some hot and spicy Chipotle burrito.
  3. I’m attracted to you like a GMO is to Chipotle.
  4. Are you made in Chipotle, because you are hot and I want more.
  5. Did you just eat Chipotle? Because I can smell integrity on your breath, and I love it
  6. Girl, I got all the Avacadough you could dream of.
  7. Will you be my Burritas?
  8. You are burritoful.
  9. Babe, I want to cultivate a better world with you.
  10. Baby, you wanna get Chipot-laid tonight?
  11. I want you to be wrapped in my arms tighter than a Chipotle burrito.
  12. Chicken, Steak, Barbacoa, Carnitas, Sofritas, or My tasty man based protein?
  13. Did you get some Chipotle tonight? Good because I like to eat my girl with integrity.
  14. I want to put my burrito in your taco.
  15. Chipotle burritos make horny, and we should totally get some for dinner tonight.
  16. I want you more than a burrito bowl at Chipotle after a workout at the gym.
  17. Are you Mexican cause you should make me some burritos.
  18. Do you want some Chipotle, I will do some free delivery straight to your bedroom.
  19. Chipotles burritos are like s*x, and girl I always finish last.
  20. Day after day, I am committed to sourcing the very best techniques I can find, and pleasuring you by hand.
  21. I want you more than a Chipotle chip wants guacamole.
  22. Girl, what we are about to do, there is no double wrapping.
  23. Give this hog some space and it will be a healthy beast up for your pure satisfaction.
  24. Hey baby, is your name Chipotle? Because I crave you all the time.
  25. It’s time to practice some safe Mex with this Chipotle order.
  26. I don’t know if you want to take a risk on having a chipotle date with me, but you should take it just in queso.

Chipotle pick up lines

How to definitely pick up a girl at chipotle

Are you looking to pick up a girl at Chipotle? Do you want to impress her and get her number? There are many ways to do this, but here are a few of the most effective and practical ones.

1) Order a burrito bowl and ask her to share it with you.

2) You can tell her that Chipotle is your favorite restaurant and ask her to recommend a dish to you.

3) Tell her that you love Chipotle and that you come here all the time.

4) Compliment her on her meal or ask her about hers.

5) You can let her know that you are a big Chipotle fan and ask what her favorite dish is.

6) Use the Chipotle pick up line.

Note: If you keep asking her all of these questions, she will eventually think you’re insane. However, if you make the conversation interesting and charming, she might just end up liking you back. Thus, Chipotle pick up lines are very important here. You can use pick up lines shared in this article.

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I hope you enjoy your meal and score more than a burrito or taco! These lines can be used at any restaurant, but Chipotle is definitely where they make the most of it. I hope you get your situation related to Chipotle pick up lines.

Let’s know your favorite lines in the comments below and your experience when using them.

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