20+ Laundry Pick Up Lines [Funny, Dirty, Cheesy]

If you want to make your laundry day a little more fun, try out these laundry pick up lines! Some of them are cheesy and funny, but some are actually pretty clever.

You can start a conversation with these pick up lines with anyone you want, whether they are the cashier at the laundromat or someone doing their laundry next to you.

You can even strike up a conversation with the hot guy or girl doing their laundry. Who knows, you might just end up going on a date with them! So let’s see what laundry related pick up lines we have for you.

Laundry Pick Up Lines

Laundry Pick Up Lines

  • I’d like to get lost in your Dirty laundry
  • Do you come here often? (At the laundromat)
  • I have a dirty weekend planned. Do you know what I’m going to do? Three loads of laundry.
  • Are you a laundry machine Cause I want to put a load in you
  • Hey are you a laundry machine? Because I wanna drop my dirty load in you
  • That’s a lot of laundry. Does this mean you’re not wearing any underwear?
  • Can I help you do your laundry?
  • Are you a bad load of laundry? You make my pants feel two sizes too small.

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When To Use Laundry Pick Up Lines?

You can use these pick up lines at any time, whether you are at the laundromat or just out and talking to someone about it.

As these lines are specifically related to laundry, so you can use them when the topic of conversation is about it, or you’re both doing laundry together.

If you see someone going into the laundromat, you can even use these pick up lines as an opening conversation starter.

Just be careful not to come across as creepy, or you might just scare the other person off!

How To Use Laundry Pick Up Lines?

Just use these pick up lines as you would any other pick up line. Use them to start a conversation or to add a bit of fun to your day.

Sometimes even the maid comes to the laundromat, so you can use these pick up lines on them too! But as they are already working, so you might want to be a little more careful with how you use these lines. They feel insulted easily and hence use these lines in a good way.

We have provided you with the best pick up lines related to laundry, but that doesn’t mean you can use them anyhow you want. Everything has a time and place, so use these pick up lines accordingly. When you feel the time is right, just go ahead and use them!

Fun Facts About Laundry

Once you start a conversation using these pick up lines, you might want to know a little more about laundry to keep the conversation going. Here are some fun facts you can use to impress the other person!

The first ever washing the machine was invented in 1797 by Nathaniel Briggs. It was called the “wash mill” and was made out of wood.

The first washing machine for home use was invented in 1908 by Alva J. Fisher. With this, you can also ask them if you always have a washing machine at home or do your laundry at the laundromat.

The average person does about eight loads of laundry a week! You can use this to ask them how often they do their laundry. This way, you’ll get to know them better too, and time to meet them again.

Laundry is one of the most common things people forget to pack when they go on vacation. So if you’re talking to someone who is about to go on vacation, you can use this fun fact to ask if they have packed their laundry or not!

The largest washing machine in the world is in South Korea. It can wash up to 100 kilograms of laundry at a time! You can further ask them, do you want to get such a big washing machine for your home?

There is a day dedicated to laundry! It’s called National Laundry Day, and it’s celebrated on the first Monday of April every year. On this day, you can use these pick up lines as often as you want!


We hope you enjoyed our laundry pick up lines! While some of them might be a little cheesy, funny, and dirty, we’re sure you’ll be able to use them to your advantage.

Remember to be careful with how you use them, and have fun! Who knows, you might just be the love of your life at the laundromat.

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